"The Pacifist Patch" (1.4.0-beta)

Good news everyone! After focusing on balancing and localization for a few weeks, I’m very happy to bring you a new content patch for Core Defense, with not only a new tower, a new ability, and a new mob – but a new gameplay mechanic which they all share: Shields!

And while I was at it I’ve also introduced a new bonus reward which you get for NOT killing enemies.

Shields and this bonus unlock a whole new pacifist playstyle for Core Defense. And that of course deserves its own achievement, which you get for beating the game without killing a single mob.

Exciting stuff, but not easy to pull off! Especially with these mean little new mobs which ignore the shields on your core:

This new playstyle is only going to be the beginning by the way: I’ve got more planned (like an ability-only playstyle) and I need your ideas on new playstyles and ways to shake things up in the game! Join the Discord and let’s discuss your thoughts!

Enough with the talk already? Alright, let’s cut to the chase, erm, changelog:


  • We now have a french translation (big thanks to Scoundrel, Rehash and everyone else who helped!)
  • Pacifist Bonus You now get a bonus reward for each wave where you don’t kill any mobs
  • Achievement Pacifist (beat the game without killing a single mob)
  • Achievement Guardian (finish a wave with fully shielded core)
  • [C] Autoshields (at the beginning of each wave all units get 1% shields)
  • [C] Hardened Core (mobs do 10% less damage when reaching the Core)
  • [T] Shield Generator (shields nearby allies for a percentage of their max health)
  • [A] Shield (shields units within range for a percentage of their max health)
  • [M] Penetrator (ignores shields when reaching the core)


  • Increased the wall building range to two tiles
  • [M] Reworked mob size to normal < big < giant < colossal
  • [M] Tank (all sizes) armor 150 🡆 140
  • [M] Regenerator (all sizes) armor 0 🡆 10
  • [M] Reworked Armorer to Shielder (now shields mobs instead of granting armor)


  • Undiscovered units are now properly hidden again in the compendium
  • Radiaton damage now properly stops at 25% health
  • Removed particles appearing in the top left corner of the screen

And now: if you’re still not in the mood for firing up the game, have another close look at that beautiful shield generator in action and peace out <3


core-defense-1.4.0-beta-linux.zip 103 MB
Version 1.4.0-beta Feb 27, 2020
core-defense-1.4.0-beta-mac.zip 103 MB
Version 1.4.0-beta Feb 27, 2020
core-defense-1.4.0-beta-win.zip 102 MB
Version 1.4.0-beta Feb 27, 2020

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