"Cleaver Cap" (1.9.2)

While I’m working on the mobile versions mostly I still found a little time to address a few nasty bugs and deliver some balancing updates to everyone’s favorite new tower, the Cleaver. Stay tuned for the mobile versions though, testing will begin soon, so make sure you’re on the Discord server if you want to be among the first to try those out!


  • A new tip now explains how to unlock the other colors


  • Cleaver rarity common 🡆 uncommon
  • Cleaver can now cleave each mob only two times
  • Cleaver now locked until you reached 25k cumulative score
  • Panopticon rarity rare 🡆 uncommon
  • Sawblade damage 3 🡆 5
  • Big Sawblade damage 4 🡆 5, actions per second 0.5 🡆 1


  • The game no longer asks for telemetry consent before you’ve created a profile
  • The unlock screeen now properly displays rewards next to each other
  • You can no longer drag extra walls out of void zones
  • Random zones no longer spawn on void zones
  • Loosing in endless mode now properly displays “Game Over”
  • You can now unlock winstreak achievements on higher Overload levels than required


core-defense-win.zip 90 MB
Version 1.9.2 Dec 17, 2020
core-defense-mac.zip 92 MB
Version 1.9.2 Dec 17, 2020
core-defense-linux.zip 93 MB
Version 1.9.2 Dec 17, 2020
core-defense-demo-win.zip 90 MB
Version 1.9.2 Dec 17, 2020
core-defense-demo-mac.zip 92 MB
Version 1.9.2 Dec 17, 2020
core-defense-demo-linux.zip 93 MB
Version 1.9.2 Dec 17, 2020

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