"Endless Finetuning" (1.8.1)

The endless mode turned out to be too easy and this patch is making it harder and brings a bunch of balancing changes and bugfixes. Please note that your highest wave record will be reset so we can set new records!


  • Increased the health scaling for the endless mode
  • The flawless bonus is now only denied if mobs escape
  • Increased chance of rolling shooting mobs by 15%
  • Removed Keep it cool module and enabled it by default
  • Updated Chinese, German and Indonesian translations
  • Giant Shielder shield percentage 15% 🡆 10%
  • Melter default target preference is now random
  • Disruptor rarity common 🡆 rare
  • Further reduced the maximum amount of explosion particles
  • Reverted the health scaling nerf from last patch (back up by 5%)
  • Hardened Core damage reduction 15% 🡆 12%
  • Increased base health for all colossal mobs by 10%
  • Added background for the reset build button


  • You can no longer gain the Unblocked achievement after gaining walls through core modules
  • The game will no longer sometimes crash when the Sniper is destroyed
  • Upgrades gained through Salvage are now discovered in the compendium
  • Mob kills can no longer be negative and break the pacifist bonus and achievement
  • The Registrar achievement no longer unlocks too early
  • The amount of runs played is now properly counted again
  • Tower deaths are now properly counted for the highscore graphic
  • You can no longer drag walls which have a tower on it
  • Fixed GSOD for mac users
  • There now is a boss wave with the Colossal Penetrator


core-defense-win.zip 90 MB
Version 1.8.1 Aug 20, 2020
core-defense-mac.zip 92 MB
Version 1.8.1 Aug 20, 2020
core-defense-linux.zip 93 MB
Version 1.8.1 Aug 20, 2020
core-defense-demo-win.zip 90 MB
Version 1.8.1 Aug 20, 2020
core-defense-demo-mac.zip 92 MB
Version 1.8.1 Aug 20, 2020
core-defense-demo-linux.zip 93 MB
Version 1.8.1 Aug 20, 2020

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