"Win Streak" (1.8.2)

Over a month without a patch – not the schedule I am aiming for but somewhat justified due to health issues. Also I’ve done a lot of work for the mobile versions, which are coming along nicely. But here’s a long overdue patch for you with some balancing and bugfixes!


  • The game now tracks your win streaks
  • New achievement Relentless: “Win 10 runs in a row.”
  • New achievement Unstoppable: “Win 5 runs in a row on Overload 10 or higher.”
  • New achievement Double Trouble: “Win 2 runs in a row on the highest difficulty.”
  • Core Defense now asks for your permission to send anonymous usage data for balancing and improvement purposes
  • Repeater details now show the attack speed increase and overall limit for the kill bonus


  • All difficulty levels have been reworked: all reductions for roll chances and reward amounts have been removed in favor of more difficult mobs
  • You can now always start the wave without building all walls: now only towers have to be built to start the wave
  • The description for the Singularity achievement now clarifies that abilities are not allowed
  • Giant Kite damage 5 🡆 4
  • Colossal Kite damage 16 🡆 12


  • The music is now properly looping (big thanks to Failix!)
  • The ESC key now closes overlays without opening the menu
  • Fixed softlock sometimes occuring when deleting profiles
  • Removed obsolete tip regarding cooldown reset
  • The endless button no longer appears when you die on wave 51
  • Towers uncovering the fog of war now take range modifiers into account
  • Abilities now play sound effect when used
  • In windowed mode on Mac there now is a title bar to drag the window
  • Fixed startup issue on Mac
  • When loading a game saved while looking at the map during reward selection, the button now properly says “Claim reward” instead of “Start wave”


core-defense-win.zip 90 MB
Version 1.8.2 Oct 08, 2020
core-defense-mac.zip 92 MB
Version 1.8.2 Oct 08, 2020
core-defense-linux.zip 93 MB
Version 1.8.2 Oct 08, 2020
core-defense-demo-win.zip 90 MB
Version 1.8.2 Oct 08, 2020
core-defense-demo-mac.zip 92 MB
Version 1.8.2 Oct 08, 2020
core-defense-demo-linux.zip 93 MB
Version 1.8.2 Oct 08, 2020

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