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Core Defense

A roguelike tower defense game with a dash of deckbuilding. · By ehmprah


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Mastery DLC Update (2.0.0)
The Mastery Expansion is live! Currently you need to purchase the DLC via Steam. I will create a bundle version here on soon – but as the DLC update a...
6 files — 2.0.0
"Speed sync" – Changelog 1.9.4
This patch finetunes the new game speed and fixes bugs like attacks skipping frames on higher game speeds. If you notice any other differences, please report th...
6 files — 1.9.4
"Performance Patch" (1.9.3)
Added Added 7x game speed The game now tracks time played per run (at the top of the settings menu) The compendium now shows your fastest run record Added Speed...
6 files — 1.9.3
"Cleaver Cap" (1.9.2)
While I’m working on the mobile versions mostly I still found a little time to address a few nasty bugs and deliver some balancing updates to everyone’s fav...
6 files — 1.9.2
"Finetuning Zones" (1.9.1)
As usual after a big update like the last, some things need finetuning. This quick bugfix patch takes care of those! Changed You can now choose whether to play...
6 files — 1.9.1
Content Update (1.9.0)
It took a while, but finally it’s there: the big content update with wall stacking, random status zones, void zones, a new tower, several tower and ability re...
6 files — 1.9.0
Endless Winstreaks (1.8.4)
A few bugfixes for the win streaks. If you’ve contributed to the Core Defense translations in the past or if you’d like to do so, please head to Localizor...
6 files — 1.8.4
"Little Fixes" (1.8.3)
This is just a tiny bugfix patch while I’m working on the mobile versions and the big content patch coming in November. Changed Updated Chinese translation Up...
6 files — 1.8.3
Last post
Hey everyone and welcome to Core Defense! I’m the developer ehmprah and I’m always happy to help, just head over to...
started by ehmprah Mar 05, 2020
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i enjoyed the demo on steam, didn't want to wait, bought the version here and it won't start the first time i started th...
started by optimism Jun 04, 2020
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I am currently on overload 12. Before the new patch I could barely complete overload 11 and only with help of good rando...
started by ThomasNygren Apr 07, 2020
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This is a very fun game. I like the idea of having to choose which tower to pick and the upgrades and modules which make...
started by SampstraGames Jan 24, 2020
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