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Core Defense

A roguelike tower defense game with a dash of deckbuilding. · By ehmprah


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"Taming Crazy Waves" (1.5.1-beta)
It’s only been three days since the last patch – but here’s another one for you guys. The procedural generation for waves is working nicely but needed a b...
6 files — 1.5.1-beta
"The Procedural Patch" (1.5.0-beta)
Good news everyone – you have had to wait a bit longer for this patch, which I had sitting around half done for weeks now before I found enough time to finetu...
6 files — 1.5.0-beta
Core Defense now has a free demo!
Good news everyone! Core Defense now has a free demo so you can try before you buy! I’m very happy about that and thought that’s reason enough to celebrate...
3 files — 1.4.0-beta
"The Pacifist Patch" (1.4.0-beta)
Good news everyone! After focusing on balancing and localization for a few weeks, I’m very happy to bring you a new content patch for Core Defense, with not o...
3 files — 1.4.0-beta
Patch Notes 1.3.0-beta
This first beta patch is a big one, even though the list of changes might not be long. Mostly because Core Defense is becoming international! With this patch, C...
Core Defense is now available!
Good news, everyone! Core Defense is now finally available! Goodbye alpha, hello First Access on! This marks the start of the open beta, during which I...