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Core Defense

A roguelike tower defense game with a dash of deckbuilding. · By ehmprah


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"Little Fixes" (1.8.3)
This is just a tiny bugfix patch while I’m working on the mobile versions and the big content patch coming in November. Changed Updated Chinese translation Up...
6 files — 1.8.3
"Win Streak" (1.8.2)
Over a month without a patch – not the schedule I am aiming for but somewhat justified due to health issues. Also I’ve done a lot of work for the mobile ver...
6 files — 1.8.2
"Endless Finetuning" (1.8.1)
The endless mode turned out to be too easy and this patch is making it harder and brings a bunch of balancing changes and bugfixes. Please note that your highes...
6 files — 1.8.1
"Endless" (1.8.0)
The first patch since the Steam release is finally done and I can’t wait for you guys to get your hands on it! It’s packed full of cool things, many of whic...
6 files — 1.8.0
"Final Touches" (1.7.2)
We’re rapidly approaching the Steam release – and while I’m busy contacting streamers and the press and trying to create some more hype for the game, I wa...
6 files — 1.7.2
"Reconjuring Profiles" (1.7.1-beta)
Version 1.7.1-beta (2020-06-07) The game now properly migrates profile data to the new save format – if your profile disappeared in the new version, go to the...
6 files — 1.7.1-beta
"Leaving Early Access" (1.7.0-beta)
Good news, everyone! This is the last big patch of the early access phase before the Steam release. There was a lot of work under the hood like Steam achievemen...
6 files — 1.7.0-beta
"Community Content" (1.6.0-beta)
Good news everyone, after four weeks of squeezing in an hour here and there the new patch for Core Defense is finally done! Four weeks are not exactly the patch...
6 files — 1.6.0-beta