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Welcome to the Coregrounds: unique tower defense gameplay meets the strategic diversity of a MOBA in this competitive strategy indie game with cross-platform multiplayer.

  • Play to win, pay to skin
  • Easy to learn, hard to master
  • Beat 100 levels of vicious bots
  • Play against friends in private matches
  • Climb the Scoregrounds in ranked matches
  • Unlock dozens of minions, towers and abilities
  • Create modification pages for your strategies
  • Unlock colors, skins, backgrounds and customize your Coregrounds
  • Complete 100+ achievements

Unique tower defense gameplay

Build your walls into a maze, build and move towers, spawn minions, use abilities and upgrade your units at the right time to gain an advantage and become the champion of the Coregrounds! Enjoy tons of opportunities for clever plays and win with skill.

Play to win, pay to skin

You can unlock all units, abilities and modifications just by playing the game. Use the premium currency to buy skins, colors and more.

Help shape the game

Join the community on our Discord server and our Subreddit and help shape the game!

See https://coregrounds.com/ for more info!

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